Branded Content

We worked with ad agency MotherNY to create this campaign inspired by the influence of Charles Tanqueray himself.  The “Cocktail Wisdom” series tells the stories of his modern day counterparts—bartenders, musicians, craftspeople and artists.


Authenticity is the key for making an impact. Angela is a bartender and singer/songwriter making just that on the Lower East Side.

Carolyn Chen - Content Creator


Chad Arnholt is an artist and bartender in San Francisco. His bar, Trick Dog, is one of the hottest cocktail establishments in the city.


Ravaughn is a recording artist who grew up in Los Angeles. Perseverance and dedication are what defines her.

Hella Bitters

Tobin, Eddie, and Jomaree launched a small batch bitters business. They transformed an awe-turned-hobby into a full blown passion.


Matt Winter is an interior designer and time traveler in Los Angeles with a unique eclectic style.